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About Us

Since many years we work wood with a great passion, and every day we try to find in this material new expressive qualities, also through the use of the latest digital technologies.

Contemporary Design.

Where live together, craftsmanship culture of the product,
and Digital conception of the project.

Manufacturing quality.

Even the most complex shapes are finely crafted, with a great attention to detail.


Care in the selection of raw materials, and choice of finishes made with water-based paints or natural products such as shellac

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Amitrani is a company created by Roberto and Stefano Truzzolillo who specialize in wooden furniture. Amitrani products put together the great Italian handicraft quality and the new manufacturing technologies. The outcome is a limited edition of a piece of furniture regarded as a valuable item. A prime quality, long-lasting and environmentally friendly product. We use natural finishings such as Shellac, for most of our products and we also use all the tools available for choosing the raw materials which derive from woods, handled in a sustainable way. In our continuous formal research, we try to give the wood a contemporary appeal, styling it in new and unusual shapes that can almost resemble a sculptural character.

Our works

More Services


Design of products and spaces, even with the use of algorithmic design software.


Creation of photorealistic images of the projects, to preview and evaluate clearly the development of the original idea.


The last phase is the production. We make it in our workshop with traditional and last generation machines (cnc 5 axis milling machine). We directly follow the project from beginning to end.


make it truly yours

Many possibilities to customize
You can customize our product in many ways. Engraving, writing or drawing on it what you want, by adjusting the size, changing the essences and the finishes, ecc... Many possibilities to make it yours.


the materials we often use in our projects

ciliegio rovere-icon frassino-icon iroko-icon walnut-icon plywood


Unique project

Planning and realization of unique pieces
For those who have in mind to do something truly unique for your own home, your store, your office, etc. Tell us about your idea, or ask us to do a project that fits your needs.


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